Seven common electrical problems

Many homes are in great electrical shape, but when homeowners or non-licensed contractors try to make electrical modifications or repairs there can be issues. Here is just a sampling of the types of issues to look out for that are very common

Top 5 reasons you need a sump pump cover

Top five reasons you need a sump pump cover for both safety and to make sure you pump can work

Sharing Chimneys

Sharing a single chimney with other types of applainces can be dangerous

Proper Egress

Too many times people are trapped in a burning house and cannot escape. This review will help you to understand an Egress window. All sleeping rooms must have two means of egress (escape). Typically one doorway and at least one window

Dryer vent length

Properly connecting a dryer to an outside vent terminal is not as simple as it might seem….

You need to be concerned with the total length of run of the pipe, the type of pipe you use, how many bends are in the pipe, and the design/shape of vent terminal at the end of the pipe.