CSST bonding

Could you please send me anything that you have that would explain the need to have CSST bonded? I am in the process of arguing with a builder who says that because of the vinyl coating on the CSST it does not need to be bonded. That goes against what I always understood from you. This is on my listing in Waukesha (only 3 years old) that had the CSST called out on the buyer's report. The seller's builder is saying that it's not necessary. I thought I had a good explanation of why this isn't up to par, but I can't find it.

CSST - Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing

CSST is an acronym for Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing. We are beginning to see more and more
of this yellow covered flexible gas line in residential applications. The line is used more and more in
new construction and remodeling since it is easy to run and there
are fewer fittings to deal with as used in gas pipe.

View the attachment to learn about the importance of bonding CSST installations to a home's ground.

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