Spring Home Maintenance

Spring Home Maintenance


1.  Prevent Water Penetration

Vermiculite Insulation

What is Vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a silver-gold to gray-brown mineral that is flat and shiny in its natural state. When heated to around 1000 degrees C, it pops (or puffs up) which creates pockets of air. This expanded form, and the fact that vermiculite does not burn, made the material suitable for use as insulation.

Is all vermiculite a health concern?

Vermiculite itself has not been shown to be a health problem. However, some vermiculite insulation contained asbestos fibers, which can cause problems if inhaled. As long as this kind of vermiculite-based insulation remains undisturbed behind intact walls or in attic spaces and does not become airborne, it should not be a concern. The concern for homeowners may come when additional insulation may need to be added or when electrical work must be done, including the simple changing of a fixture if the ceiling is directly below the attic. Many contractors will not enter the attic if known vermiculite is present. Also of concern is the eventual sale of the home with known vermiculite insulation

Devin - Milwaukee

I wanted to send praise of Brian Ott. He was knowledgable, efficient, helpful, and very pleasant for my home inspection.


Orphaned Chimney

An orphaned water heater in an oversized chimney creates a huge moisture problem. Cold winter air is heavy and is constantly trying to sneak into your house by slipping down the chimney.

Michael from Racine

Scott & Brian did an excellent job. First off they were extremely accomodating to our schedule. We set up an appointment for Monday at 9 AM and both were at work prior to our arrival to the property. The inspection took about 3 hours with both of them inspecting. I consider myself pretty handy but these guys found issues I would never have thought to look for. Their report was extremely detailed and made it very simple for us to get a few quotes for what repairs would cost.

Brian Ott

Brian O'Keefe

Brian O’Keefe is a Board Certified Master Inspector (CMI) with Honest Home Inspections and Milwaukee Mold Inspector, a division of Honest Home Inspections. Brian joined Honest Home Inspections in August of 2012 and has been an active home inspector since 2008.

Gary in Oak Creek

I had to send an email to let you know what an awesome job you guys did. Although a bit on the expensive side I really feel I got more than I paid for with the Radon test, Recall check, hang tags, the book on the house, and the time Brian spent with me answering all of my questions was just great. The lady that booked my call was so knowledgeable and helpful, she was the main reason I chose you but the inspector went above and beyond! Thanks you so much for all you did and it looks like we will be getting a new roof and the furnace fixed.

Jill in New Berlin

I just wanted to send an email and thank Brian for such a great job yesterday. He was so informative. I learned so much about my new house and the report was unbelievable. what a great job. Thanks again

Alex in Brookfield

You guys were the highest priced company while I was shopping around. I decided to go with you as I was concerned about the lower priced companies. I had no idea that you would be that thorough. What a great job! I received the report yesterday and shared it with my banker. He said he has never seen a report like this. Wow, I will recommend you guys to everybody I know!! Thanks for such a great job

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