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CSST bonding

Could you please send me anything that you have that would explain the need to have CSST bonded? I am in the process of arguing with a builder who says that because of the vinyl coating on the CSST it does not need to be bonded. That goes against what I always understood from you. This is on my listing in Waukesha (only 3 years old) that had the CSST called out on the buyer's report. The seller's builder is saying that it's not necessary. I thought I had a good explanation of why this isn't up to par, but I can't find it.

Drew & Amy - Muskego, WI

"Scott, ​

Thank you for the incredible report. This will be our home maintenance bible for quite a while. It definitely helps us feel that we know exactly what we are purchasing with this house. Based on our interaction today, my experience with your office, and this report, I can see why you are so highly recommended and successful.



Do radon fans have to run continuously?

Do radon fans have to run continuously?

Jeff - Muskego


Do radon levels change over the years?

I purchased my house four years ago and had a radon test that was under 4.0. We are now selling and the inspector tested the radon and it is at 6.6. How can this be?

Tonya - Oak Creek


Hi Tonya,

Do I test for radon in a slab home?

Are homes with concrete slab foundations less likely to have high radon levels? 

Jerry - Waukesha


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