Can I clean mold with bleach?

Some products work, some don't and some make it worse

Flushable wipes - May not be so flushable

On a recent conversation I had with the owner of Ben Huth of Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Drain Service of Milwaukee. I was surprised to find out that much of his work comes from people who have recently moved into their home. During our conversation we discussed flushable wipes and how they tend to clog the system and are a significant part of their drain cleaning busines

Carbon monoxide Detectors: Do they stay or do they go?

Recent changes in Wisconsin’s carbon monoxide detector law have led to some confusion about the seller’s obligations to install and/or leave carbon monoxide detectors in the property. Deliberate inspections and contract drafting can assure the parties have a meeting of the minds about carbon monoxide detectors.

Energy tips, Refrigerator coils

Dog and cat hair can clog some refrigerator coils and make your refrigerator work harder

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