CSST bonding

Could you please send me anything that you have that would explain the need to have CSST bonded? I am in the process of arguing with a builder who says that because of the vinyl coating on the CSST it does not need to be bonded. That goes against what I always understood from you. This is on my listing in Waukesha (only 3 years old) that had the CSST called out on the buyer's report. The seller's builder is saying that it's not necessary. I thought I had a good explanation of why this isn't up to par, but I can't find it. Do you have anything that I could send this builder?    

Mary- Realtor


Dear Mary


Since your CSST is black in color and based on the brand - the black covering is not vinyl it is carbon fiber which would dissipate a surge and insulate the CSST from any lightning strike by directing the electrons to a closer ground, The issue that is pending is the NFPA is soon going to require all CSST to be bonded. This is the reason they came out with the black stuff so it would not have to be bonded. If the NFPA mandates all must be bonded there is no use in the black stuff anymore (manufactures are quite upset) but Wisconsin always takes years to follow any new new NFPA ruling. So for now yellow must be bonded black does not.
These codes are not in the electrical code or any building code there are part of the NFPA 54 (National Fire Protection Assocation) code. They are, however, in all of the installation instructions for the CSST.
Hope this helps