Do I test for radon in a slab home?

Are homes with concrete slab foundations less likely to have high radon levels? 

Jerry - Waukesha


Great Question Jerry. We get this question often and it really needs explanation. Slabs are closer to the living area. Having a slab home is like living in your basement. Radon is higher in some areas than others. All of SE Wisconsin is a hot bed for Radon, some areas more than others and I can tell you with confidence that Waukesha has higher than normal radon levels. The predominant driving force is building induced suction. Furnace, bathroom exhaust vents, kitchen exhaust vents, dryers, and such will literally pull the air from the soil into the house. Most people don't realize that concrete is porous and soil gas can penetrate the concrete, especially cracks in the slab. In addition plumbing block outs for tubs and sinks are typically hidden yet open to soil gas in your slab home. So in answer to your question really a slab is not different than the basement except you  are typicllay not sleeping in the basement.